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Silindë was an Elf of Rivendell, serving as an assistant to Lord Elrond.


During the War of the Ring, Elrond invited Silindë to attend the Council of Elrond, which would decide the fate of the Ring of Power. He helped Elrond conclude that the One Ring must be destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom. After Sauron's death, resulting the destruction of the One Ring which was thrown into the fires of Mount Doom by the Hobbit Frodo Baggins, Silindë attended the coronation at Minas Tirith, and felt very happy for Aragorn and Arwen. Later on, Silindë eventually went to the Undying Lands to the West of Middle-Earth with some of his people while the rest chose to stay throughout the Fourth Age.


This elf is a character featured in The Fellowship of the Ring Decipher card game see the list here: [1] and is Non-canonical. He appears no where in the canonical text.