Siege of Osgiliath

Conflict: War of the Last Alliance

Date: SA 3429
Location: Osgiliath
Result: Victory of Mordor
Gondor Mordor

Rhun Harad

Isildur Witch King of Angmar

5.000 Gondorians

+1.500 Minas Ithil suvrivors

+10 carapults

150,000Orcs, 100 Trolls, 1000 Wargs, 12.000 Evil Men(Haradrim,Easterlings, BlackNumenoreans andVariags),

4.000 Gondorians Heavy: 25.000 Mordor troops, and 2.000 Evil Men

War of the Last Alliance

Conquest of Minas Ithil-Sige of Osgiliath- Defense of Minas Anor of Osgiliath - Second Siege of Minas Ithil -Battle of Dagorlad - Siege of Barad-dûr

Siege of Osgiliath was a battle between the hosts of Mordor a Gondor during the War of the Last Alliance at Second Age.


Soon after conquest of Minas Ithil the Witch-king of Angmar took control of the fort, having collected a huge army of Orcs and Evil Men he prepared to attack Osgiliath


When the Witch King fell on Osgiliath, Isildur as best he could be organized and prepared a desperate defense, reflecting catapults Isildur did pay dearly for the crossing of Anduin to the forces of Mordor, but could not hold the Legions of Mordor and forced to retire. The main contingent attacked Osgiliath East, while two other contingent the river to the north and south and attack Osgiliath West.

Isildur had to leave Osgiliath East to defend the West but when he cross the river saw could not contain both armies, so he run to Minas Anor as quicker possible to prepare for the attack.[citation needed]

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