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Siege of Angband

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Siege of Angband
[[File:Siege of Angband|250px]]
Conflict: The War of the Great Jewels
Date: FA 60
Place: Morgoth, Iron Mountains (Angband)
Outcome: Angband victory
Ñoldor, Edain Angband
Fingolfin Morgoth
An unknown number of Elves An unknown number of Orcs and Balrogs
Presumably heavy Presumably moderate to heavy

The Siege of Angband was a 400-year long siege of the Ñoldor circling around the fortress of Morgoth called Angband during the early First Age, which began following the Dagor Aglareb.


The siege was incomplete, as Morgoth was still capable of sending out various forces of Orcs to weaken the Ñoldor (such as the attack of Hithlum), mainly from the impassable north flanks of the fortress near the unguarded Iron Mountains. The Ñoldor had grown strong enough, however, and these raiding forces posed no significant threat. But these raids enabled Morgoth to coerce people who were captured to his service, which would later prove very disastrous to the Ñoldor and their allies.

However, the Ñoldor and their allies possessed insufficient forces to assault Angband directly. The Siege was broken in the Dagor Bragollach in FA 455.[1]


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