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The Shadowy Seas were part of the Great Sea that lay closest to the shores of the Blessed Realm, to the east of Tol Eressëa. After the Flight of the Noldor and the rising of the Moon, the Valar decided to shield their realm from the outside world. They darkened the immediate sea with spells as well as lack of light and created a chain of Enchanted Isles, each of which had the power to cause any mariner braving this region to fall into an eternal sleep. Throughout the centuries that followed, no ship reached the shores of Aman, until Eärendil the Mariner finally succeeded in passing through the shadows of the Shadowy Seas. Later the Númenóreans under Ar-Pharazôn crossed this barrier, but were subdued when Ilúvatar crashed the mountains of Valinor on the mighty fleet.

Seas of Arda

Belegaer | Ekkaia | Helcar | Núrnen | Rhûn | Ringol | Shadowy Seas

Places of Aman

Aman Locations:

Regions of the Valar:

Woods of Oromë | Pastures of Yavanna | Halls of Mandos | Halls of Nienna | Gardens of Lòrien | Wells of Varda | Máhanaxar | Two Trees

Other Regions:

Valinor | Eldamar | Tol Eressëa | Undying Lands | Alalminórë | Enchanted Isles | Araman | Avathar | Plain of Valinor | Haerast | Oiomurë

Mountains & Passes:

Pelóri | Túna | Taniquetil | Calacirya | Hyarmentir | Caves of the Forgotten

Bodies of Water:

Bay of Eldamar | Lórellin | Shadowy Seas | Híri | Sirnúmen


Valmar | Tirion | Formenos | Avallonë | Alqualondë | Kortirion | Tavrobel


Cottage of Lost Play | Mindon Eldaliéva | Galathilion | House of Hundred Chimneys | Tower of Avallónë | Tower of Tavrobel | Ilmarin | Bridge of Tavrobel | Ezellohar

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