Shadows of Mirkwood is a future fan film based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and Peter Jackson. It tells the tale of how a single ranger from Arnor changed the fate of Eriador during the War of the Ring.


After the battle of the last alliance and the downfall of Sauron, Greenwood the Great, the former name of Mirkwood, had enjoyed a long time of peace and prosperity. But in the year TA 1050 a shadow crept over it, turned green to grey and light to darkness. Mirkwood the Men called it. Now it was home to the some of the most dark and savage creatures in all of Rhovanion.


The following locations are confirmed: Bree-land, Mirkwood, North Downs, and Ettenmoors.


This film was made solely out of and for entertainment purposes; the team had a very small budget available, about 900 American dollars. Therefore, the quality wouldn't match that of the other fanmade films like Born of Hope and The Hunt for Gollum. It was a very ambitious project and the team knew it; its members tried to do everything they could to live up to the name.

The teamEdit

The team consisted of a group of teenager fans of Tolkien who want to bring a forgotten part of Middle-Earth to the screen.

Release Edit

The script was in theory finished but the movie itself was scheduled for 2012. It has still not been released.

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