Shadow Rising is the first album by the Australian Neo-Celtic Folk Rock group Soundestiny and features music inspired by The Lord of the Rings. However, throughout the songs, there are no actual mentions of LOTR characters - like Frodo or Arwen, nor of Middle-earth place names – such as Rivendell or Rohan, etc. This album, together with Soundestiny's 2010 release, Winds of Change, forms a 25-song rock musical titled RingLord. The band has also written and recorded music inspired by The Hobbit releasing a mini-album, All that Glitters, in 2009, and the Dragon Quest album in 2012.

Track listing Edit

1. The land of shadow (Potter-Bohl) - 4:57

2. The precious band (Potter-Bohl) - 3:57

3. Follow your heart (Potter-Bohl) - 4:24

4. Far away from home (Potter-Bohl) - 4:43

5. Your burning love (Potter) - 4:33

6. Fiery mountain of doom (Potter-Bohl) - 3:38

7. See the light (Potter-Bohl) - 4:39 (music video)

8. Wintertime (Potter-Bohl) - 4:20

9. Somebody save me (Potter-Bohl)- 5:05

10. My heart is green (Potter-Bohl) - 4:13

11. I was blind (Potter-Bohl) - 4:11

12. My heart's in your hand (Potter-Bohl) - 4:04

(Hidden). Ever on (Potter) - 3:30

  • (The final, hidden track Ever on starts one and a half minutes after the end of the twelfth track. This unplugged song also appears as track number 4 on Soundestiny's All that Glitters EP released in 2009 - but with percussion and harmony added.


  • Darryl Grant Potter - vocals, guitar, keyboards, flute
  • Elissa Maclean - vocals
  • Michael Bohl - guitar, bass guitar|bass
  • Greg Tschernez - drums, bass on tracks 1, 3 and 4
  • Julia Lefik – vocals
  • Paul Lines – vocals


  • Producer: Greg Tschernez
  • Engineer: Greg Tschernez
  • Arrangers: Darryl Grant Potter and Greg Tschernez
  • Concept: Darryl Grant Potter
  • Artwork: Natalie Camilleri
  • Cover Design: Natalie Camilleri

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