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In the Real WorldEdit

In EäEdit

TA 3018Edit

  • During the night, Frodo and company reach Bree and stay at The Prancing Pony.
  • Strider spies on the Hobbit party and learns who they are.
  • Frodo entertains the inn's patrons with a Hobbit drinking song and loses his balance on a table and disappears, arousing suspicions
  • Strider reveals himself to Frodo and company as a friend of Gandalf, and offers his services as a guide.
  • Mr. Butterbur, forgetting the letter Gandalf told him to give to Frodo, finally gives it to him.
  • Gandalf visits The Gaffer's (Hamfast Gamgee) home.
  • Boromir continues journey to Rivendell.

TA 3021Edit

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