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Armies of Sauron

Sauron's battalions at the Black Gate.

Sauron's army was the huge army of the Dark Lord Sauron. It was mustered for the sole purpose of finally defeating Sauron's mortal enemies in the West once and for all, in both the Second and Third Ages.

Description and HistoryEdit

The army consisted mostly of Orcs, though it also contained Haradrim, GoblinsEasterlings, Variags, TrollsHalf-trolls of Far Harad, Wargs, MumakilUruk haiBlack Uruks and Nazgûl mounted upon Fell beasts, and they also had naval support from the Corsairs of Umbar.

Sauron used this army throughout the Second and Third Ages. They fought against the Last Alliance of Elves and Men at the Battle of Dagorlad and the Siege of Barad-dûr. They again fought for their dark master throughout the War of the Ring. Notable battles fought by Sauron's army during the War of the Ring were the Battle of Osgiliath, the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, and the Battle of the Black Gate. There were many symbols for Sauron's personal garrisons. Minas Morgul's orcs had the symbol of a wicked crescent moon, the Orcs and Uruks of Cirith Ungol and Barad-dûr bore a red eye, the others probably had just a tattered black banner with red-painted runes.This army's armour had many types of it; Orcs of Barad-dur had thick black iron, Morgul orcs had smaller, and better made armour (so said Samwise Gamgee) and possibly many beaked helms, Orcs of the pass of the spider had larger, and hulkier chainmail and leather aprons and belts,and possibly round or boxy helmets, Morannon orcs wore gunmetal coloured armour, Gorgoroth's was unknown, but in the TTT and ROTK movie, they had different armour from the others. The Orcs that showed up to the main battles were the Orcs of the Morannon.



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