Sauron's Road

Sauron's Road

Sauron's Road was a road leading from Barad-dûr to the Cracks of Doom inside Mount Doom.

It leaves the great iron bridge at the Dark Tower proceeding across Gorgoroth through a chasm in the mountain and then up a long causeway to the door to the Cracks of Doom.


"If it wasn't there, I'd have to say I was beaten in the end."
Sam when he noticed the road while crossing Mordor with Frodo

The Road ran from Barad-dûr to Mount Doom in Mordor. It began at the great western gate of Barad-dûr. It spanned a deep abyss by way of a long iron bridge and then ran westward for a league (3 miles) across Gorgoroth.


Barad-dûr, the dark tower of Mordor, and the Eye of Sauron

On either side of the road were smoking chasms. At the foot of Mount Doom, Sauron's Road climbed a long causeway up the eastern slopes. The road then wound upwards around the mountain, turning first south then west then north and back to the east.

The road encircled the base of the mountain, which was 3,000 feet high, and then ran partway up the cone, which rose another 1,500 feet. It ended at the door to the Chambers of Fire on the east side of Mount Doom facing the Window of the Eye in Barad-dûr. Sauron's Road was a broad path paved with ash and broken rubble.[1]


It was probably created in the late sixteenth century of the Second Age when Sauron sought to control the other rings by creating the One Ring, using it as an easy way to get to and from the mountain during his labors. Over the long ages it was frequently blocked and ruined by the ravages of the erupting volcano, but it was always repaired.

Frodo and Sam used part of this road to get up the mountain during their quest to destroy the ring when on March 25, 3019 of the Third Age, Sam carried Frodo up the northern slopes of Mount Doom until he found Sauron's Road leading to their destination. "'Why, it might have been put there a-purpose!' he said to himself. 'If it wasn't there, I'd have to say I was beaten in the end.'"[2][3]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Sauron se pad
Albanian Sauron-së rrugë
Amharic መንገድ የ ጻኡሮን
Armenian Սաւրոնի ուղի
Arabic ساورون طريق ?
Azerbaijani Sauron'in yol
Basque Sauronaren errepide
Belarusian Cyrillic Саўран ў дарога
Bengali সৌরণ এর রাস্তা
Bulgarian Cyrillic Саурон на пътя
Catalan Carretera de Sauron
Corsican Strada di Sauron
Croatian Sauronov cesta
Czech Sauronova silnice
Danish Saurons vej
Dutch Weg van Sauron
Esperanto Vojo de Saŭrono
Estonian Sauron'i maantee
Finnish Sauronin tie
French Route de Sauron
Galician Estrada de Sauron
German Saurons Straße
Greek Δρόμος του Σάουρον
Hebrew הכביש של סאורון
Hindi सौरोन की सड़क
Hungarian Szauron útja
Icelandic Vegur Sauron
Indonesian Jalan Sauron
Irish Gaelic Bóthar Sauron
Italian Strada di Sauron
Japanese サウロンの道路
Javanese Jalan Sauron
Kazakh Сауронтың жол (Cyrillic) Sawrontıñ jol (Latin)
Korean 사 우 론의도로
Macedonian Сауронов патот (Cyrillic) Sauronov patot (Latin)
Malaysian Jalan Sauron
Maltese Triq tal-Sauron
Marathi सायरोनचा रस्ता
Mongolian Cyrillic Саурон-ийн зам
Persian جاده سائورون
Polish Sauron'a Droga
Portuguese Estrada de Sauron
Punjabi ਸਾਨੌਨ ਦਾ ਸੜਕ
Norwegian Sauron ' vei
Romanian Drum lui Sauron
Russian Дороге Саурона
Samoan Ala o Sauron
Scottish Gaelic Rathad Úi Sauron
Sinhalese සොරෝන් පාර
Slovak Sauronov cestné
Slovenian Sauronjev cesti
Spanish Carretera de Sauron
Swedish Saurons väg
Tajik Cyrillic Саурони роҳ
Tamil ஷௌரொந்ன் சாலை
Telugu సారన్ యొక్క రహదారి
Thai ถนนเซารอนธ ?
Turkish Sauron'in yolu
Vietnamese Đường của Sauron
Ukrainian Cyrillic Дорога Саурона
Uzbek Сауроннинг йўли (Cyrillic) Sauronning yo'li (Latin)
Welsh Ffordd Sauron
Yiddish סאַוראָן ס וועג


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