Sarn Athrad (Sindarin for 'Ford of Stones') was a stony ford on the river Gelion in the East Beleriand.

It was located in the southern part of Thargelion and a little north of the river Ascar (Rathlóriel) of the land of Ossiriand. The Dwarf-Road that ran from the Dwarvish cities in the Blue Mountains (Ered Luin) all the way to Menegroth in Doriath, crossed the ford.

History Edit

The road dates back to the ancient times before the rising of the Sun, and was built by the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains to travel on as they trafficked into the Beleriand going to and from their cities and Menegroth, where they worked as metallurgists from the elves. When the Ñoldor returned to Middle-earth, the dwarves established a trade relationship with them especially with Caranthir's realm and frequently crossed the ford. Finrod Felagund, the Lord of Nargothrond who was fond of wandering crossed the Gelion at the ford on his way to meeting Men for the first time.

The site was best known for being the site where Beren Erchamion and a group of Laiquendi ambushed the Dwarves of Nogrod and destroyed them for their sacking of Menegroth. Sarn Athrad was lost with the sinking of the Beleriand at the end of the First Age.

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