Salmar was a Maia, creator of the Ulumúri. Made for his lord Ulmo, the Ulumúri were great conches who produced the music of the sea.


The index of The Silmarillion lists Salmar as a Maia, though the provenance of this entry is unknown as no other texts describe Salmar as being one of the Maiar. However, as he is a spirit who accompanied Ulmo without being regarded as one of the Valar, the conclusion that Salmar was a Maiar seems logical.[1]


'Salmar' is a Quenyan name of unknown meaning. It may possibly be derived from the Quenyan word Salma, meaning lyre.[2]

Earlier versions of the legendariumEdit

In earlier conceptions of the legendarium discussed in The History of Middle-earth, Salmar is often identified by the title Noldorin (sometimes "Lirillo" or "Golthadriel" in Gnomish). He was envisioned as a Vala in the service of Aulë.[3]


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