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Saleme was a huntress and assassin from Harad. She was one of the dark-skinned Haradrim and served Sauron during the War of the Ring. She led the attack on the Rohan settlement of Upbourn, where her men assassinated the town's captain Wulfhelm.

Trivia Edit

  • She was not featured in the books or films, but was made for Sierra Entertainment's War of the Ring, which is her only appearance. Her first appearance in the game is in the level A Hidden Plan in the Evil Campaign.
  • In the game she has three special abilities: Poison Trap, Blood Mark, and Serpent Blades. Poison Trap lets Saleme set a trap on the ground that unleashes poison when an enemy comes close enough to it. Blood Mark allows Saleme to heal units over time; this power can also be attached to a war post to slowly heal any units around it for a short time. Saleme's Serpent Blades ability allows her to throw her swords at a targeted enemy and then ricochet and hit other enemies nearby damaging multiple enemy units.

She was voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.