"Attack is the best defence."
Saelon, to Borlas[1]

Saelon was a man of Gondor, and one of the principal characters from The New Shadow.


As a young boy, Saelon was caught by Borlas stealing an apple from his orchard. Borlas described his actions as "orc's work", and Saelon was angered at that. Then, he heard tales of Orcs and did not forget them. He was the childhood friend of Berelach, Borlas's youngest son, and was often in his company.

One day, Saelon mentioned to Borlas something about a Dark Tree, and the leader of the secret cult, Herumor. Afterwards, he returned to his father,[note 1] after urging Borlas into meeting with him that night, and that he would be robed in all black.[1]


Saelon was described as a "sinister, young man."[1]


The name Saelon might have been related to the Sindarin sael ("Wise").

Earlier Name

The earlier name given to this character was Arthael, before being changed to Saelon.[1]


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  1. In the first manuscript, his father was given the name of Duilin, similar to the elf of Gondolin