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The Sack of Rhovanion was the fall of the Northmen realm of Rhovanion to the Wainriders.



When the Easterling Wainriders invaded the western lands and Gondor from their lands in Rhûn.[1] In TA 1851[2], the Northmen who had long occupied Rhovanion suffered the most of those attacked and lost many of its people and scattered many of them. The Gondor King Narmacil II responded by assembling an army made up of his own people and as many of the scattered Northmen as could by found, willing to fight against the invaders.[3]


After Narmacil lost the Battle of the Plains in TA 1856, most all of the Northmen of Rhovanion were enslaved and occupied by the Wainriders for forty-five years until a revolt was organized by its people, with the help of the Éothéod under Marhwini.[3][1]


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