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The Fall Of Nargothrond by WF74 now woutart.[1]

The Sack of Nargothrond was an event of the late First Age that marked the destruction of the hidden Elven city of Nargothrond.


After the army of Nargothrond went out to meet Morgoth's army led by Glaurung on the field of Tumhalad, some miles north of the citadel, they were defeated and routed. Those Elves left in the city awaiting their return instead found the Dragon and his Orcs crossing their bridge and entering the citadel, meeting little to no resistance. These people, including Orodreth's daughter Finduilas, were killed or captured and sold into slavery by the Orcs and driven northward to Angband.


Túrin facing Glaurung at Nargothrond

Coming late to the sack were Túrin and some few other survivors of the Battle of Tumhalad. At the sight of the Dragon, Túrin's companions who accompanied him fled, but Túrin himself stayed and came face-to-face with dragon and was prepared to fight him. He was placed under Glaurung's dragon-spell and forced to watch as the captives were driven away. Then Glaurung released Túrin from his spell, talking to him of his family still in Dor-lómin and making him forget about rescuing Finduilas. Knowing the evil that this would cause to Túrin, Glaurung settled down to enjoy his treasure horde in the newly-sacked domain where he would remain for nearly five years.[2][3][4][5]

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Chinese (Hong Kong) 掠奪納國斯隆德


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