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August Edit

  • All traces of Gollum disappear. It is considered that, around this time, being hunted by elves and by the servants of Sauron, he could have taken refuge in Moria, but when he finally discovered the way to the West Gate, he couldn't leave.

September Edit

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  • Gandalf escapes Orthanc in the first hours of the day.
  • The Ringwraiths cross Isen.

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  • Gandalf goes to Edoras like a beggar, and his entrance is not allowed.

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  • Gandalf gains entry into Edoras. Théoden orders that he leaves: "Choose any horse, but leave before the end of the day of tomorrow!"

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  • Gandalf encounters Shadowfax, but the horse doesn't allow him to approach. Gandalf pursues Shadowfax for a long way in the hills.

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  • The Ringwraiths arrive at Sarn Ford at afternoon and drive away the rangers.
  • Gandalf reaches Shadowfax.

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  • Four Ringwraiths enter the Shire before dawn.
  • Five Ringwraiths pursue the rangers eastward and later return to watch.
  • A Ringwraith arrives in Hobbiton at nightfall.
  • Frodo leaves Bag End.
  • Gandalf, having tamed Shadowfax, departs Rohan.
  • Gandalf crosses the Isen.

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  • Second night with Bombadil.

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October Edit

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  • Gandalf leaves Bree.

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  • Gandalf is attacked during his night at Weathertop

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  • Glorfindel expels the Ringwraiths from the Bridge of Mitheithel.

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  • Frodo crosses the bridge.

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  • Glorfindel finds Frodo at afternoon.
  • Gandalf arrives at Rivendell.

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December Edit

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also known as Third Age 3018

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