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Runsig - As portrayed in Guardians of Middle-earth

"By the fury of Carn Dûm, you are undone!"

Runsig was a character found, time-wise, in the third age. He was created by Warner Bros. for their tactical, Middle-earth related video game: Guardians of Middle-earth.


Captured as a youth in the wilds of the North while his family was slaughtered by evil forces, Runsig was put to work inside the foul mines of Angmar. He learned all he could about explosives, hoping to escape the mines. In time, Runsig earned the trust of his captors and was apprenticed to the chief siege-engineer of the armies of Angmar. Runsig grew evil with this increased power and happily turned his back on his former people. Now fully committed to the Angmarim, Runsig was soon promoted to the rank of Captain in the service of the Witch-king.

Guardians of Middle-earthEdit

In the video game he is of the class: Tactician. His abilities are as follows:

Catapult of Angmar

Catapult of Angmar Catapult with increasing range, damage, Health


  Unbending Creates Shields for Allies and Structures

Forceful Call

  Forceful Call Increases Movement Speed and Health for nearby Allies

March of the Northmen

March of the Northmen Speed increases for Allies and Structures


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