Roast Mutton is the third mission to Sierra's game The Hobbit.
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Roast Mutton loading screen


"He regretted leaving home almost immediately. In the dangerous Lone-lands they found themselves cold, wet, and low on food. Suddenly, Balin noticed the light of a fire. Thorin sent their new burglar, Bilbo, to investigate."

The mission begins with Thorin sending Bilbo off to investigate a distant campfire. The player may choose to find a Burberry Plant for a cold Kili caught. This mission is where the first enemies are introduced. At first, the player fights through hostile plants and wolves. When the player must lower the water level at the two dams, the water leapers are found. After adjusting the water levels in two different areas of the level, Bilbo must jump on wooden planks to an overhanging bridge that is in the process of falling apart. The challenge is to avoid falling into the whirlpool below, which inflicts death upon contact. Once Bilbo climbs the dangling rope to the bridge and crosses it, he discovers the campfire belongs to three large trolls. At first he plans to return to the dwarves, but then decides he would gain more respect trying to prove he is a good burglar by pickpocketing one of the trolls. The player must then reach the pocket book without being detected. Reaching William's pocket book ends the level.


  • Talk to Thorin
    Roast Mutton mission 1

    Bilbo overlooking the troll's in the Roast Mutton level

  • Investigate Light
  • Lower Water
  • Raise Water
  • Steal Wallet
  • Bring a Burberry Plant to Kili
  • Find Burberry Plant
  • Return Burberry Plant

Hiding momentsEdit

Troll Campfire: This is arguably the most difficult and frustrating part of the level, as you must sneak past the three trolls without being spotted. Because you do not have the ring at this point of the game, you cannot walk in the line of sight of the trolls under any circumstances. The trick to completing this area is timing when the trolls do certain actions such as walking, yawning, dancing etc. The ironic part of this level is when Bilbo does get caught by one of the trolls after you complete the level by reaching William's pocket book.

Level InformationEdit


Name Description


Kili appears at the start of the level claiming to have a cold. He asks Bilbo to get him a Burberry plant to help with his cold.

Thorin Oakenshield 1

Thorin wants Bilbo to investigate where the campfire is coming from. It's too dangerous for all of the dwarves to go along, so they sent Bilbo as their "burglar."

Balin 1

Balin has climbed up to the top to see a clearer view of the campfire, he gives some information and sends Bilbo on his way.


Bombur appears on the side with the other dwarves.


Bifur is in the beginning of the level on the side.

Bofur dwarf

Seen at the beginning of the level with the other dwarves.


Oin appears with the other dwarves in the circle.

Gloin dwarf

Gloin appears at the beginning of the level with the other dwarves.

Quest ItemsEdit

Name Description
Burberry Leaf

Burberry plant

Retrieve a Burberry leaf from the top of the hill above Thorin to give to Kili for his cold.
Troll Wallet


Bilbo grabs this wallet at the end of the Roast Mutton level, ending the level. This wallet talks while Bilbo picks it up alerting the three trolls and capturing Bilbo.


Name Description
Carnivorous Plant

Canivorous Plant

This plant is blind, but responds and bites at Bilbo when he motions towards it.

Hobbit wolf

A pack of Wolves attacks Bilbo at the start of the level in Roast Mutton.
Vile Creatures


The Vile Creatures or "Water Leapers,"attack Bilbo when he lowers the water, they attack with their sharp claws so he can either fight them or avoid them completely.


Bert appears in a cinematique once Bilbo reaches where the fire is coming from. Bilbo must run past Bert and time it very fast so he doesn't get spotted.


Tom is one of the three trolls Bilbo encounters around the campfire, he sneaks past him twice; once around some leaves he must avoid and again when Tom starts to yawns.


William is one of the three trolls Bilbo encounters, he is sitting near the talking wallet and catches Bilbo trying to steal it.

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