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Earlier Easterlings

Vicious Rhûn tribsemen art.

Rhûn Tribesmen were groupings of Easterlings hostile to the Western Free Peoples.


These were men of Rhûn who followed Sauron and Khamûl in the Second and Third ages. They were the most vicious of all Easterlings, and they were very dangerous tribesmen. They are seen in concept art and in the video game Third Age, Total War. In TATW, their javelin throwers are wearing white clothes and a type of helm, and their regular tribesmen are wearing green,orange and yellow tunics. Their strongest would've been their tribe's guard, who look a lot like regular Easterlings. Even though they've never been seen in any battles, they could've been at Rhûn the whole time and at the Battle of Dale or possibly the Siege of Gondor (book version). Their main weapons were javelins, Axes and Spears. They were mentioned in the book sometimes as "Easterlings with Axes".[1][2]


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