Rhosgobel was the home of the wizard Radagast the Brown.


Rhosgobel was located somewhere on the southwest borders of Mirkwood. The dates of when Radagast dwelt there are unclear, as is its exact location within the wood. It is unclear if he was the only inhabitant of Rhosgobel; the alternate view being that it was simply a Woodman settlement where Radagast resided.
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The term Rhosgobel originates from the Sindarin words rhosg ("brown") and gobel ("enclosed dwelling, walled house or village").

Portrayal in adaptationsEdit

The Hobbit film trilogyEdit

In the first The Hobbit film, Rhosgobel is depicted as a ramshackle cottage, with various walls and roofs from other cabins being pieced together haphazardly around the base of an old tree. It has several holes in the roof, through which spiders could be seen.