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Reunited Kingdom

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Reunited Kingdom
Kingdom of Arnor and Gondor
Background Information
Type Federal Monarchy
Location Middle-Earth
Capital Minas Tirith
Founded/Built [SA 3320-FO 1
Ruler Ruling Monarch
Other Information
Summary Númenórean Realm in Exile, Part of the Reunited Kingdom by FO 1
Other names To be added
Inhabitants Dúnedain
Spoken Languages Westron
Lifespan [SA 3320-FO 1

The Kingdom of Arnor and Gondor (also called the "Two Kingdoms") was a realm of Middle-earth consisting of Arnor (from older times) in the north and Gondor in the south.


Before the foundation of Arnor there was already a sizable Númenórean population living there, a result of the slow emigration of Númenóreans which had started under Tar-Meneldur and Tar-Aldarion. Before the arrival of the Dúnedain, Arnor was home to Middle Men of Edain stock, and the early colonists soon interbred with the indigenous population. Tergil (Sgl. "Targil" Q. "Tarkil") or Torfiriath were the descendants of Dúnedain who had intermarried with other peoples (usually middle-men).They were also known as Half-Numenoreans. Most Arnorians and Gondorians would be considered Tergil. Tar-Aldarion Lond Daer, under the name Vinyalondë, or 'New Haven', was founded by Númenor's crown prince Aldarion on the estuary of the river Gwathló in the early Second Age. It was the first permanent settlement of the Númenóreans in Middle-earth. From here Aldarion's "Guild of Venturers" began harvesting the local timber for the shipbuilding industry of Númenor. By the time of the War of the Elves and Sauron in the middle of the Second Age, this 'New Haven' had become very well established, and its name had shifted over the intervening one thousand years to 'Lond Daer', the Great Haven. As such, it was one of the two beachheads of the Númenórean forces in Eriador that were used to support the elves around SA 1700. Lond Daer's shipyards were starved of timber following the war, as the forces of Sauron had burnt almost all of what remained in Enedwaith and Minhiriath. Following this, Lond Daer was once again renamed, being now one of several major ports in Middle-earth, and was known as Lond Daer Enedh, or 'Great Middle Haven'. Despite this, Númenor still maintained traffic on the Gwathló as far as the city of Tharbad. Umbar was a realm to the far south of Arnor in Middle-earth where Men lived, and during the Great Years was known for the sea-faring Númenóreans who reigned there in the havens that were built during the reign of the Kings in Numenor. Umbar became a base from which Númenórean influence spread over Middle-earth. It was at Umbar that the last King of Númenor, Ar-Pharazôn the Golden, landed in SA 3261, to challenge Sauron. Pelargir was built in SA 2350.[1] During the years of Númenor's fall it became the chief haven of the Faithful as they migrated to escape the persecution they faced from the King's Men. Elendil and the remaining Elf-friends were warned by the divine powers to leave Númenor forever. They were thus spared the downfall of Númenor when, as punishment for an attempt to defy the Ban, Eru Ilúvatar sank the island kingdom into the sea.

When Númenor was destroyed in SA 3319, the fleet reached the shores of Middle-earth founding the kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor in a lineage of nobility leading up to king Elessar. The Elendili, under the leadership of Elendil and his sons, eventually made their way to refuge in Middle-Earth where they were welcomed by the Elves. There they established the Dúnedain kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor.

Númenor finally fell the city of Pelargir became a part of the newly founded Kingdom of Arnor and Gondor.

As Arnor and Gondor's power grew, Pelargir became the home of its navy.

Realms in Exile Edit

Realms in Exile had been the collective name for Arnor and Gondor, the North-Kingdom of the Dúnedain in the Westlands of Middle-earth. Both realms were founded in S.A. 3320[1] by the High King Elendil, and his sons who ruled Ithilien and Anórien. Arnor occupied a central part of Eriador.

Dúnedain Edit

The Dúnedain (singular: Dúnadan) were the Men descended from the Númenóreans who survived the fall of their island kingdom (Númenor) and came to Eriador in Middle-earth, led at first by Elendil and his sons. They are also called the Men of the West and the Men of Westernesse (direct translations of the Sindarin term). They settled mainly in Arnor and Gondor.

Lesser Dúnedain Edit

Some Dúnedain while they denominated the mixed-blooded common people as "lesser Dúnedain" or Tergil. Tergil (Sgl."Targil" Q."Tarkil") or Torfiriath were the descendants of Dúnedain who had intermarried with other peoples (usually middle-men).They were also known as Lesser Dúnedain. Most Arnorians and Gondorians would be considered Tergil.

Notable KingsEdit


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