The Regent of Gondor was a noble title of Gondor.


The title dates back to the days of Gondor's highest power and wealth. The king Narmacil I seeking to rid himself of all the burdens of state appointed his younger brother Calmacil's son Minalcar to be Regent. Minalcar exercised all the affairs of state and effectively ruled in Narmacil's name. Minalcar ruled as Regent for sixty-four years from TA 1240 to TA 1304. He was the only known holder of the title in the history of Gondor and would go on to ascend to the throne of Gondor after his father's death, under the name Rómendacil II and ruled for sixty-two years.[1]


The title was also known as Karma-kundo which was apparently Elvish and meant 'Helm-guardian' and was in Gondor Crown-lieutenant or Regent in Gondor.[1]


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