Redwater, also known as Carnen, was a river in the region of Rhovanion in Middle-earth.

The Redwater originated in the Iron Hills and was east of the Lonely Mountain. It flowed southward before emptying into the River Running, which is about 250 Númenórean miles to the south. This river, in turn, flowed into the Sea of Rhûn and then past the land of Dorwinion.[1]


During the War of the Ring, in the year TA 3018, a large force of Easterlings under Sauron's command crossed and forded this river on their way to attack the Dwarvish realm of Lonely Mountain and the Mannish kingdom of Dale.


The word Carnen is the Sindarin equivalent of Redwater, the name for the river in the common tongue.

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Albanian uji i kuq
Arabic الماء الأحمر
Belarusian крывавая мача
Bengali লাল পানি
Catalan aigua vermella
Chinese (Hong Kong) 紅水河 a.k.a. 卡南河
Croatian Crvena voda
Danish rød vand
Esperanto ruĝa akvo
Finnish punainen vesi
Galician auga vermella
German Rotwasser
Greek Κόκκινο νερό
Hebrew מים אדומים
Hindi लाल पानी
Hmong liab dej
Hungarian vörös víz
Irish Gaelic uisce dearg
Italian acqua rossa
Korean 혈뇨
Lithuanian Raudona vandens
Malay air merah
Malayalam റെഡ് വെള്ളം
Polish czerwona Woda
Portuguese água vermelha
Romanian apă roșu
Russian красная вода a.k.a.Карнен
Serbian Црвена вода
Sinhala රතු ජලය
Spanish Aguas Rojas
Swedish röd vatten
Siamese (Thai) น้ำแดง
Urdu سرخ پانی
Welsh dŵr coch


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