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This is a list of the known Realms of Arda.

First Age and beforeEdit

The Realms of Middle-earth during the First Age included the realms of the Noldorin exiles who came from Aman, the Sindar, Morgoth, the Dwarves, and Men.

Realms of the DwarvesEdit

The Dwarves dwelt in the Ered Luin in the cities of Nogrod and Belegost with some living and working in Menegroth and Amon Rûdh. [1]

Realm of the EnemyEdit

The realm of Morgoth comprised of the cold North made up of Dor Daidelos, the Iron Mountains, and Thangorodrim with its capital in the underground fortress/prison of Angband. [2]

  • Dor Daedeloth (until the War of Wrath)
  • Angband (founded before the First Age, rebuilt a few years before the rising of the Moon)
  • Utumno (destroyed before the First Age and not rebuilt)

Realms of the ElvesEdit

Realms of the Noldorin exilesEdit

Sindarin RealmsEdit

  • Falas (destroyed 473)
  • Eglador, later Doriath (destroyed 510)

Avarin and Nandorin RealmsEdit

Realms of MenEdit

Realms of the EdainEdit

The first group to come into the Beleriand was the House of Bëor, who moved from their temporary settlements in Ossiriand to Estolad, and then later to the land of Ladros. The second group, the House of Haleth or Haladin, at first dwelt in Estolad but later moved to the forest of Brethil. The third group, the House of Hador or the House of Marach, were allies of the House of Fingolfin and eventually moved to Dor-lómin and south of the Ered Wethrin. [6]

Realms of the EasterlingsEdit

The Easterlings came in two groups one under Bór and the other under Ulfang. They were allies of the sons of Fëanor and dwelt in their lands with Bór's people living in Himring with Maedhros and Maglor. Ulfang's people lived in Amon Ereb with Caranthir, Amrod and Amras. [6]

Realms of the EntsEdit

  • Forests of Eriador
  • Forests of South Beleriand

Ultimate FateEdit

All of these realms endured until their conquest by Morgoth which some he filled with his allies. The survivors fled to Arvernien which became known as the Havens of Sirion.

Second AgeEdit

Realms of MenEdit

Realms of the ElvesEdit

Avarin and Nandorin realmsEdit

Noldorin RealmsEdit

Sindarin RealmsEdit

Realms of the DwarvesEdit

Realm of the EnemyEdit

Realm of the EntsEdit

Third AgeEdit

Realms of MenEdit

Dúnedain and alliesEdit


Realms of the ElvesEdit

Noldorin, Sindarin, and Sindarized Nandorin RealmsEdit

Nandorin and Avarin RealmsEdit

Realms of the DwarvesEdit

Realms of the EnemyEdit

Realm of the EntsEdit

  • Fangorn Forest

Fourth AgeEdit

Realms of MenEdit

Containing within it the autonomous realms of:

Realms of the DwarvesEdit

Realms of the ElvesEdit

  • Greenwood the Great
  • Lórien on both sides of Anduin
  • Elves of Ithilien
  • Remnant of Lindon
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