Background Information
Type Raven Realm
Location Northern Rhovanion north of Dale and Lake-town, next to Lonely Mountain
Founded/Built Possibly before TA 1999
Ruler Roäc
Other Information
Summary Allianced with Dwarves of Lonely Mountain
Other names
Inhabitants Raven
Spoken Languages Westron
Lifespan TA 1999 - Fourth Age(Possibly)

Ravenhill was an outlying hill beneath the Lonely Mountain. It is ruled and inhabited by Ravens.


The hill extended southward from the mountain, looking over River Running and the valley of Dale. The Dwarves built a guard-post there, above which the Ravens resided, led by Roäc. In the time that the Dwarves were driven from Lonely Mountain by Smaug, Roäc's father Carc was the chief of the ravens. It was for the ravens that the hill was named.[1]

Portrayal in adaptationsEdit

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five ArmiesEdit

Warning: This artical contains major spoilers.

In The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Ravenhill is portrayed as a snow covered plateau half hidden in the mist on the slopes of the Lonely Mountain.

It is a ruined exposed fortress lying on the rock. The fortress has a tower that looms over exposed tunnels and stairways. Next to the fortress is the running river, Celduin, that is frozen in the winter. Underneath the fozen pool is a waterfall that cacades down the cliff face. This too, is frozen solid. Above all this, is a crumbling rock tower were Azog places his command post on, during the battle. It is here where Azog uses makeshift totems to command the leigions below.

Azog seizes Ravenhill as his command post from which he coordinates his forces against the allied Dwarves, Elves and Men. Using a series of banners and a horn to communicate battle strategies, he sends signals to the two different armies under his charge, initiating a war on two fronts (at the gates of the Lonely Mountain and within Dale). The Pale Orc shouts out commands to his fellow Orcs. One Orc blows the horn, while others use the huge banner-totems to command the leigions down below.

When Thorin II and the Dwarves emerge from Erebor, they rally the Dwarves under Dáin II Ironfoot to break the Orc lines. Thorin sees Azog on the broken tower of Ravenhill and he decides to "cut the head off the snake".

Thorin, along with Dwalin, Fíli and Kíli ride upon the backs of rams to charge the hill and confront Azog. It is there that they are ambushed by Azog as his army from Gundabad approached from the north, Azog's Orcs overcame Fíli, executing him in front of Thorin from across the Celduin, beginning the climactic confrontation. It is at Ravenhill that Fíli, Kíli and Thorin fall in battle, as well as Azog and Bolg.

Azog's command postEdit

At the start of the battle, Ravenhill is continuously shown when Azog commands his armies from above. Standing on the edge of the ruined tower that overlooks The Valley Of Dale, Azog and several Orcs observe the battle. At the start of it all. Azog commands his armies to attack. The horn is blown and the banners are operated. Gandalf observes Azog's manouvers with the leigions. As he does, Azog unleashes War Beasts and commands his armies to "attack the city", to cut the men and elves off from Dale. After a while, The Pale Orc prepears a final assualt to finish the armies off. This fails when Thorin and The Company burst out and attack.

Soon, Thorin spots the signal-post on top of Ravenhill, and he, Dwalin, Fili and Kili ride on Rams up the mountainside to kill Azog, in hope that the Orcs will be sent into confusion, without any commands.

Azog then spots the commando team and makes himself scarce to lure the Dwarves into a trap.

A Death TrapEdit

Thorin and his companions arrive at Ravenhill, only to find the misty areas deserted. Thorin refuses to believe Azog has fled, and sends Kili and Fili to search the interior of the fortress, while he and Dwalin gaurd the frozen lagoons. Suddenly a group of Goblins attack. Thorin and Dwalin kill them, while Fili and Kili enter the towers.

Meanwhile, in the valley below, Legolas warns Gandalf of the approaching leigions from Gundabad, arriving at Ravenhill. Bilbo realises that Thorin and the others are up there, and, to Gandalf's protest, he puts on The One Ring, and heads up to warn Thorin of the approaching danger.

In the underground passages of Ravenhill, Fili and Kili split up, and head in different directions. Bilbo arrives at this time and warns Thorin and Dwalin of the aproaching armies. Thorins puts two and two together and realises they have been pulled into a death trap.

Meanwhile, in the underground passages, Fili is still scouting for Azog. Suddenly, he hears heavy footsteps, and [off screen in the film] he is cornered by Orc soldiers.

Thorin and Bilbo then attempt to depart, but suddenly a drum starts beating and torches light up. Azog then emerges dragging Fili, much to everyone's shock. In a damming speech declaring the end of the line of Durin at Ravenhill, Azog impales Fili through the chest with his blade arm. Kili races up to avenge him and Thorin races over to rescue him. He is then attacked by Azog, and the two duel while Kili subsequently fights Azog's security forces. Bolg then arrives with an advance guard and attacks Bilbo and Dwalin, while Tauriel and Legolas see the War Bats. Legolas is grabbed by one and Tauriel races up to find Kili. Thorin is able to throw Azog down the hill, but is attacked by berserkers. Bolg then knocks Bilbo out. Thorin finishes off his attackers, but Azog swings hard enough to shatter Thorin's sword and throws him onto the lake, and orders his minions to finish the king off. He is aided by Legolas on a ruined tower and manages to fight off several assailants. Tauriel finds Kili, but is attacked by Bolg. She is almost killed when Kili intervenes and is subsequently killed by Bolg. Tauriel then throws Bolg down the mountain, but is almost killed by Bolg again when Legolas intervenes, drawing Orcrist. The two battle and Thorin throws an Orc at Bolg unbalancing the bridge. Thorin, now defenseless, is almost killed, but Legolas hurles Orcrist killing the Orc and enabling Thorin to retrieve his sword. Bolg subsequently remerges and attacks Legolas who duels him with his short swords. Thorin walks toward Azog, now wielding a flail, very slowly.

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Portuguese (Brazil) Morro do Corvo
Hungarian Hollóbérc
Northern Ireland Kingspan
Chinese (Hong Kong) 烏丘


  1. The Atlas of Middle-earth, The Hobbit, "Lonely Mountain"

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