Rómenna was the main seaport of Númenor on its east coast.


Rómenna was a great seaport and many of the realms greatest shipyards were located here. The great Númenórean mariner Vëantur had a house here and his friend Aldarion came there often and kept his ships there as well.[2] Here much of the traffic with the old lands of Middle-earth passed. When Ar-Gimilzôr came to power, the Faithful of Númenor were relocated to Rómenna late in Númenor's history so that the King's Men could watch them.[3][4]


Rómenna is a Quenyan word that means 'Eastwards'.[5]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ሮመንና
Arabic روميننا
Armenian Րոմեննա
Belarusian Роменна
Bengali ড়মেন্না
Bulgarian Роменна
Dari ر ومهننا
Georgian რომენა
Greek Ρομεννα
Gujarati રોમેન્ન
Hebrew רומיננא
Hindi ड़ोमेन्न ?
Japanese ローメンナ
Kazakh Роменна
Kurdish رۆمه‌ننا (Arabic script) Romenina (Latin)
Kyrgyz Ромэнна
Macedonian Роменна
Mongolian Роменна
Nepalese ड़ोमेन्न
Pashto رومېڼا
Persian رومهننا
Russian Роменна
Sanskrit रोमेन्न
Serbian Роменна (Serbian Cyrillic) Rómenna (Latin)
Sinhalese රොමෙන්න
Tajik Роменна
Tamil றொமெண​
Telugu ఱొమెన్న
Tibetan རོམེཎ
Tigrinya ሮመንና
Ukrainian Роменна
Urdu رومےننا
Uyghur رومەننا
Uzbek Роменна (Uzbek Cyrillic) Romenna (Latin)
Yiddish ראָמעננאַ


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