Queen is a title applied to either the wife of a King, or to a Ruling Queen.

The title existed amongst all of the Children of Ilúvatar. Of the Dwarves nothing much is known if the title existed amongst them, but as the dwarves were ruled by kings it could be logical that Dwarf-women also held that honorific title.

While the former is most common, the Ruling Queens of Númenor were rulers in their own right.

Aside from this the female Valar (Valier) were also called the "Queens of the Valar".

Named Queens in Tolkien mythologyEdit

Of the ValarEdit

  • Varda - Queen of Arda & Queen of the Valar
  • Estë - Queen of the Valar
  • Nessa - Queen of the Valar
  • Nienna - Queen of the Valar
  • Yavanna - Queen of the Valar
  • Vána - Queen of the Valar
  • Vairë - Queen of the Valar

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Of the Númenóreans

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