The inn's sign, from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

The Prancing Pony (i.e. the Inn of the Prancing Pony) was an inn in Bree where Frodo Baggins, Sam, Pippin, and Merry first met Strider.


The Prancing Pony was an inn in the village of Bree. It was based inside the central hub of the town nearby stables and various merchant stalls. Since Bree was built on the major road of the Greenway, it was a fairly well-traveled inn, and was so accustomed to hobbits that designated hobbit rooms had been built. Barliman Butterbur was the inkeeper at the time of The War of the Ring. Nob and Bob are the 2 hobbits that work at The Prancing Pony. Nob works to serve everyone at the inn like tend to their needs for food and etc. While Bob works as a ostler, someone who takes care of the horses.

In the years leading up to the fabled Quest for Erebor, Gandalf the Grey met up with Thorin Oakenshield in the inn by chance. Thorin wished to slay Smaug the dragon and claim his rightful title of King under the Mountain. Gandalf met him there and aided Thorin in finding a burglar.[1]

Frodo Baggins and his friends stayed at this inn while traveling to Rivendell. They encountered Aragorn (Strider) here, and allowed him to join their company. On the night of their stay, the hobbits feared Black Riders, so they did not sleep in their rooms. Their precautions were good because that night their rooms were searched by the Riders. The hobbits and Aragorn made off through the Lowlands the next day.[2][3]

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Mere days before the hobbits Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Peregrin Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck arrived in the Prancing Pony on their quest to bring the Ring to Rivendell in 3018, some 60 years after the events leading up to The Quest for Erebor, the Ranger Eradan, the elf Andriel, and the dwarf Farin all met up with Aragorn, chieftain of the rangers, to plan out a raid on Fornost in order to distract them from joining in on the hunt with The Nazgûl.



Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Cambodian នេះសេះលោតកញ្ជ្រោលតាមភ្លេងព្រម
Catalan El Poni Encabritat
Chinese (Hong Kong) 躍馬旅店
Czech U Skákavého poníka
Danish Den Spankulerende Pony
Dutch De Steigerende Pony
Estonian Tantsisklev Poni
Finnish Pomppiva Poni
French Le Poney Fringant
Galician Pônei Saltitante
German Zum Tänzelnden Pony
Hebrew הפוני המקפץ
Hindi अकड़नेवाला टट्टू
Hungarian Pajkos Póni
Italian Il Puledro Impennato
Japanese 跳ねポニー
Norwegian Den dansende Ponni
Den steilende ponni
Polish Pod Rozbrykanym Kucykiem
Portuguese (Brazil) O Pônei Saltitante
Portuguese (Portugal) O Garrano Empinado
Romanian Poneiul În Două Picioare
Russian Гарцующий Пони
Spanish (Spain and Latin America) El Póney Pisador
Turkish (Türkçe) Sıçrayan Midilli
Yiddish די פּראַנסינג פּאָני


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