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This map has links to most places in Middle-earth during the Third Age. All you have to do is click on a location on the map to go to the corresponding article.

Middle-earth during the Third Age

Blue MountainsBlue MountainsMisty MountainsFangorn ForestMountains of AngmarThe ShireHimlingMirkwoodWeather HillsWeathertopDol AmrothDol GuldurMordorTrollshawsBreeEmyn MuilMinas TirithEdorasHelm's DeepOsgiliathMinas MorgulGondorRohanIsengardThe Iron HillsSea of RhûnTolfalasRivendellGrey HavensLórienEred LithuiDead MarshesNindalfUdûnBlack GateEphel DúathSea of NúrnenEast BightArnorEreborMount GundabadMiddle earth map

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