Of all the beautiful sights in Númenor, the flowers and trees were considered some of the most treasurable. Those most popular are the following:

  • Oiolairë - One of the fragrant trees of Númenor; by tradition a bough cut from this tree was attached to the prows of Númenórean ships setting out on journeys of exploration, to ensure a safe return.
  • Lairelossë - A beautifully white fragrant tree.
  • Nessamelda - Grew mostly up the sheltered seaward slopes of Nísimaldar in the Bay of Eldanna but they also spread far east into the land.
  • Vardarianna - Was beloved for its soft perfumes.
  • Taniquelassë - An evergreen, it too was remembered for its perfume.
  • Yavannamírë - A beautiful fragrant green tree.
  • Malinornë - Were a light-green color. They were used to preserve Lembas bread.
  • Laurinquë - Grew in the area of Hyarrostar of Númenor. The Númenóreans delighted in it for its long-hanging clusters of yellow flowers. Rumours told it had come from Laurelin, the Golden Tree of Valinor, but it was not true.
  • Sweet Galenas was grown in Númenor and transplanted to Middle-earth, where the hobbits called it Pipe-weed and learned to smoke it. The Númenórians had grown it as an ornamental.

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