An Uruk-hai pikeman

A pike is an enlongated spear. Pikes were particularly useful at defeating cavalry, as the pike would pierce the enemy's horse before the horse could trample the wielder. The pike, is not intended to be thrown, instead to be used in medium range melee. Those seen in Middle-earth used by the Uruk-hai, were about 15 to 20 feet long, which reflects the kind used by Robert the Bruce's Sheltrons. Soldiers that use pikes in battle are called pikemen.

Near the pike head it is affixed with metal strips or "cheeks" to hold the head in place. The pike would be unwieldy in close combat. This would mean that the wielder would have to have another hand weapon such as a dagger, mace or short sword if the battle turned into a toe-to-toe melee. However, they tried to avoid such disorganized combat as a pikeman would be at a disadvantage. They had either no shield, or a very small shield that had a strap so they could strap it in their arm, similar to that of most Macedonian troops.

Most pike tactics would involve the wielder to kneel on one knee and drive the end of the pike into the ground at an angle. This would create a line of pikes impossible to charge at. If the horsemen did charge, the horse would keel at the sight of the wall, and quickly turn away, as horses are innately cautious of bad terrain. The pikes have their own weakness; they are heavy and hard to turn while holding one. If the battle was on somewhere other than a flat plain, then the cavalry could hide and end up behind the majority of the pike formation.

They were used at the Fords of Isen by the Uruk-hai, but not in the Battle of the Hornburg as seen in Peter Jackson's movies.

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