Ivorwen in Born of Hope

Philippa Hammond is a British character actress. She played Ivorwen in the fan film Born of Hope.


Philippa was educated at University of Southampton graduating with BA Honours English Literature and had begun acting at the age ten. Other than her appearance in the Tolkien inspired Born of Hope, she was known for playing in the one woman show Glimpse, Fanny Hill, Anamnesis which was featured at the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts), and the short Undone by Judy Upton. She also works in the theatre, radio, and other media.

In addition to acting, she is also involved in the production aspect of film and theatre and is founder and director of Studio 1919 and Studio1919 Productions, and the founder, with Thomas Everchild of Afterthought Theatre Productions both in 1991. She is also an independent teacher of Public Speaking with her own business: Speaking Well In Public. She is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

She is currently based in the South East of the UK near London.



  • Paramour - Julie
  • Struck By Lightning - Mrs Shelley
  • Anamnesis - Samantha
  • Advance Warning - Multiple Characters
  • Consider Her Ways - Jane The Historian
  • Matilda - Woman in bedroom
  • My Brother The Alien - Mrs Johnson
  • Two Tales Of Tanguy - Wilma
  • The Purloined Ride - The Lady


  • Starstruck - Actress In Rehearsal
  • Fanny Hill (ITV television & BBC television) - Fanny Hill


  • The Neverland Singularity - Scientist
  • The Book and the Rose - Witch/Grumia
  • Take Six Festival of New Drama - Various characters
  • High Seas - Pirate Landlady
  • Baalbek - Performer
  • Philippa Hammond's Bad Books - Deviser/Performer
  • Unreliable Romances - Singer/Performer
  • An Honorary Man - Hypatia
  • Backstage Whispers - An actress
  • Little Girls Like To Kiss - Marcia Blouse
  • Turning The Handle - An Edwardian Lady
  • Fanny Hill - Fanny Hill
  • Daisy Pulls It Off - Claire Beaumont


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