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Pelargir overview
Pelargir the great port of Gondor
Place in Arda
Summary a port city of Gondor
Built by Second Age
Realm Gondor
Capital {{{place_capital}}}
Lord Kings of Gondor
Type Port City
Lifespan Second Age-Fourth Age

 The great port of Gondor, Pelargir, was one of the first settlements of the Númenóreans founded in Middle-earth during the Second Age.

It was located above the delta of Anduin river south of the White Mountains.


Pelargir was built in SA 2350. During the years of Númenor's fall it became the chief haven of the Faithful as they migrated to escape the persecution they faced from the King's Men. When Númenor finally fell the city became a part of the newly founded Kingdom of Gondor.

As Gondor's power grew, Pelargir became the home of its navy. But during the civil war of the Kin-strife, the city was besieged by Eldacar as it had become a stronghold of the sons and supporters of Castamir, The Usurper. The siege was partially a success, as Eldacar had driven his enemies out, but they escaped and set themselves up in Umbar. Their heirs became known as the Corsairs of Umbar.

As Gondor's power declined Pelargir was attacked many times by the Corsairs, who were in secret allegiance with Sauron, but the forces of Gondor managed to defend the coasts. In TA 1634, however, the Corsairs ravaged and ruined the city, slaying King Minardil. The city was quickly regained by Gondor.

The conflict with Umbar finally came to a head during the War of the Ring when a great Corsair fleet besieged the city. As Gondor's army was tied up at Minas Tirith there were little to defend Pelargir or the coasts. Then Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, along with the Grey Company and the Army of the Dead, arrived and defeated the Corsairs and used their ships to reach Minas Tirith to defeat Sauron's forces.

After Sauron was defeated the Corsairs no longer attacked Gondor.[1] Although the Umbar no longer attacked, Gondor abandoned the city as so did the inhabitants.


Pelargir is a Sindarin word that meant 'Garth of Royal Ships'.[2]

Other InterpretationsEdit

In Games Workshop's The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game the garrison of Pelargir is the Wardens of Pelargir. They carry shields emblazoned with the original Gondorian heraldry rather than those seen in the War of the Ring. Games Workshop also name Corinir as the Lord of Pelargir.


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