Parth Galen was a flat, grassy lawn on the western side of Nen Hithoel.

Parth Galen was bordered on its western side by a long forested strip of land with a small stream that ran down from the Amon Hen nurturing the grass. The Fellowship of the Ring rested there on February 25, 3019, in the shadow of Tol Brandir at the base of Amon Hen. Frodo's wandering away from Parth Galen gave Boromir the chance to follow and catch him alone.

Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli brought Boromir's body to Parth Galen after he was slain by the Uruk-hai defending Merry and Pippin. Here they prepared his funeral boat and set it adrift down the Falls of Rauros. It was also the place where Sam and Frodo both set off to Mordor on their own.

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