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! Non-Canon Alert!
This article contains information, pictures or media from non-canonical sources. To find out more about what is considered canon see LOTR:Canon
See also Bored of the Rings.
See also The Schnoz of the Rings

Many Parodies have been made of Lord of the Rings.


Parody 1
The Black Cat Goes to LORD OF THE RINGS and THE HOBBIT01:55

The Black Cat Goes to LORD OF THE RINGS and THE HOBBIT

What if, in every movie,

it was the fault of a man disguised as a cat.

Parody 2
Lord of the Rings by George Lucas08:36

Lord of the Rings by George Lucas

If George Lucas had directed Lord of the Rings

Parody 3
LOTR orgy01:25

LOTR orgy

Lord of the Rings orgy

Parody 4
Gay lord of the rings00:36

Gay lord of the rings

Gay Sam and Frodo

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