Palisor was the name for the 'Midmost Region' of the 'Great Lands' of Arda (the future Middle-earth) described in The Book of Lost Tales Part One and Beren and Luthien (2017).

According to The Atlas of Middle-earth, Palisor lay between the Iron Mountains, the Misty Mountains, the Orocarni, and the Hither Lands with the Sea of Helcar in the center.[1]


Palisor was described as being the place where the Elves first awoke. It is the location of a lake named Cuiviénen, the Water of Awakening[2] It was described as a place where great pinewood forests existed and murmured with strange noises in these early days.[3] The area was long populated with Dark Elves.[4]The area would later evolve into the land of Rhûn, Rhovanion, and possibly Mordor and Khand.[1][5]


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