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Dúnedain, Men of Gondor (House of Anárion)
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Ostoher was the son and successor of King Anardil of Gondor and he became the seventh King upon Anardil's death in TA 411.


He moved his summer residence from the capital city of Osgiliath to the fortress of Minas Anor in TA 420. During this time he rebuilt and greatly added to it and over time it would become a city as well as a fortress, until after the Great Plague of 1636 when it became the capital of Gondor as Minas Tirith, over twelve-hundred years later.

In the last two years of his reign the Easterlings started attacks on Gondor. Due to his advanced age, he sent his son Tarostar (later known as Rómendacil I) to meet the Easterling threat and Tarostar defeated[3] the Easterlings into eventual submission.[4]

Ostoher died in TA 492 at the age of two-hundred seventy after a rule of eighty-one years and was succeeded by Tarostar.[2]


Ostoher was a Quenyan word that meant 'fortress-lord'.[5]

Preceded by:
King of Gondor
TA 411 - TA 492
Followed by:
Rómendacil I

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