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Kent Burles - Ossë


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Other names
Ošošai, Oššai
Date of birth
Before the creation Arda
Year ascended to the throne
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Realms ruled
Powers of the Ainur

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Ossë (Quenya or Ñoldor; IPA: [ˈosse]; from the Valarin Ošošai, Oššai) was a Maia associated with Ulmo. A spirit of the sea in the service of Ulmo, he guarded the waters around Middle-earth. Uinen was his wife, and he was a friend of Círdan the Shipwright. Ossë was a friend of the Teleri and Sindar, and was valued as high as the Valar by them. During the shaping of Arda, he briefly entered into the service of Melkor and began causing wanton storms which made travelling by sea particularly unsafe. He was persuaded to stop by Uinen under Aulë's bidding, but his taste for storms didn't quite disappear. When Ossë grew restless in the Second Age, the mariners of Númenor would call for help from Uinen to quiet his storms. Ossë also obstructed the work by Ulmo and Uin the great right whale by dragging back the island of Tol Eressëa westward which Uin (or with Ulmo and possibly other animals as well) carried to Aman[1]. During the process, the portion of the original island fallen off settled and later became today's Ireland.

Other Edit

  • In older versions of The Silmarillion, Ossë was a Vala in his own right, and often opposed the will of Ulmo.

References Edit

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