The Orfalch Echor was a large ravine that ran through the Echoriath, the Encircling Mountains, in Beleriand.

Its overall length from beginning to end was about ten miles.[1]


Before the Fall of Gondolin, it was guarded by seven sturdy gates and the soldiers of Gondolin. Tuor and Voronwë passed through here on their way to the city.[2]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ዖርፋልጭ ዐችሆር
Armenian Որֆալճ Եճոր
Belarusian Орфалч Ечор
Bengali ওর্fঅল্ছ এছর্
Bulgarian Орфалч Ечор
Dari ورفالچه هچهور
Georgian ორფალხ ეხორი
Greek Ορφαλχ Εχορ
Gujarati ઑર્ફલ્છ ઍછોર
Hebrew ורפאלשה ישהור ?
Hindi ॐर्फ़ल्छ एछोर्
Kazakh Орфалцһ Ецһор
Macedonian Орфалч Ечор
Mongolian Орфалч Ечор
Nepali ॐर्फ़ल्छ एछोर्
Pashto ورفالچه ېچهور
Persian ورفالچه هچهور
Russian Орфалч Ечор
Sanskrit ॐर्fअल्छ् एछोर्
Serbian Орфалч Ечор (Cyrillic) Orfalch Echor (Latinised)
Sinhala ඕර්ෆල්ඡ් ඒඡොර්
Tajik Орфалчҳ Ечҳор
Telugu ఓర్fఅల్ఛ ఏఛొర
Tigrinya ዖርፋልጭ ዐችሆር
Ukrainian Орфалч Ечор
Urdu ورفالچه ےچهور
Uyghur ورفالچھ ەچھور ?
Uzbek Орфалч Эчор (Cyrillic) Orfalch Echor (Latinised)
Yiddish ױרפֿאַלשה ײשהאָר ?


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  2. Unfinished Tales, Part One: The First Age, I: "Of Tuor and his Coming to Gondolin"

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