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The One Wiki to Rule Them All is a website hosted by Wikia which has information related to Lord of the Rings and Middle-earth that has 6,042 articles. It was founded on March 8, 2005 as The Lord of the Rings Wiki. After a vote held in April-May 2007, on 31 May 2007, it was renamed to One Wiki to Rule Them All.


This is a place for information and discussion about the Lord of the Rings books and films as well as anything related to J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy universe of Middle-earth.

We have 6,042 articles so far.

Anyone can help!

This site uses the same MediaWiki software as is used on Wikipedia. If you have used that, you can start right in and improve articles or start or join discussions. If not sure, see the editing tutorial.

If you are logged in, please put something about yourself on your User page. It is also good for collecting your favourite links and a list of the best articles you have helped with.

Most pages have a related "discussion" page. One good use of those is for fans to exchange ideas and opinions. Contributions to those pages should be signed and dated, so that readers know "who to reply to". If logged in, signing needs just four tildes ("~") or a click on the signature button if you have one above the edit box.

This wiki can have articles on any Middle-earth placename, character, battle, year, or any other plot detail which may be considered too trivial for Wikipedia, and it can look at Lord of the Rings issues in more depth. Plus we can have articles using the actual name without having to qualify it, for instance having an article Bree instead of wikipedia's Bree (Middle-earth)

You may like to choose a subject that has no article yet - see Special:Wantedpages - or check an article or category of interest from the following:

Articles Categories

If there's nothing on the page, please write an introductory sentence or two then add this template at the bottom:


But once an article has gone beyond the first couple of sentences this may be better:


Alternatively, see if Wikipedia has an article of that name. How to copy (with the correct acknowledgment) is at LOTR:Copying from Wikipedia.

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