One Ring to Rule Them All is a series of flash videos parodying Lord of the Rings. They were made by Legendary Frog. The title refers to the One Ring, and Sauron's repeated use of the words "To rule them all!"

The flash videos star Sauron, who is a moron and often says "The One (something, usually ring)... TO RULE THEM ALL!!!" When he says "To rule them all" the camera zooms in on his face. Other characters include...

  • Wayne the Goblin, a goblin from Moria who is Sauron's henchman. Invented by Legendary Frog
  • Frodo Baggins
  • Samwise Gamgee, Frodo's gardener who is implied to be lesbian.
  • Gollum
  • Hippie Elf Chick, Wayne's girlfriend
  • Melkor, Sauron's old master who is working for Legolas
  • Richard, a troll
  • The Balrog
  • Legolas, who is the hippie elf chick's ex-boyfriend
  • Pizzar the Foul, an evil pizza who is a thousand years old and has anchovies
  • Bob the Goblin, who appeared in the original and was later replaced by Wayne
  • Harry Potter, who sucks
  • Spock from Star Trek.

Flash VideosEdit

In One Ring to Rule Them All, Bob the Goblin gives Sauron an evil pizza he ordered. He also informs him the Union of Orcs are on strike, and want a dental plan as they all have a nasty tooth decay. In more detail, their demands are:

  • Better quality axes
  • Better armor
  • Casual Fridays
  • Maiming Sundays
  • Fix the coffee machine
  • Dental plan

In One Ring to Rule Them All: Special Edition, the graphics are improved, Sauron's voice is changed, and Bob is replaced by Wayne the Goblin. Extra footage is shown at the beginning, in which a Ring Wraith bursts into flames when Sauron says "The One Ring... TO RULE THEM ALL!" Then Wayne appears and applies to be Sauron's evil henchman and is hired. Following this is the pizza scene, edited so that the pizza (Pizzar the Foul) talks, and has anchovies. After this is the scene where Sauron finds out the Union of Orcs are on strike. "Fix the coffee machine" is replaced with "Get rid of the smell." After Sauron says "The One Dental Plan... TO RULE THEM ALL!" The scene where Bob walks away is changed to Wayne being replaced by a sign that says "UNION."

One Ring to Rule Them All 2 follows the Lord of the Rings and the Return of the King storyline a bit. Frodo and Sam are heading toward Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring. After Sauron talks with Harry Potter, Frodo and Sam enter Mount Doom and see Sauron, causing Peter Jackson to alter the script of Lord of the Rings and the Two Towers. A Scooby Doo chase scene ensues when Wayne chases after Frodo and Sam, and he eventually catches them. Instead of taking the One Ring, however, Sauron ties the Hobbits (still with the ring) to ropes and lowers them toward the fires of Mount Doom. Wayne spends the rest of the video trying to convince Sauron that the ring will be destroyed. A slide show, a movie (starring a kid named Billy, with the Entertainer theme in the background), and a puppet show are unable to make Sauron realize what will happen. Gollum appears just as Frodo and Sam are about to fall into the lava, and they somehow appear at the edge of a cliff (according to Sam, it was because of a plot device). Then Gollum and Frodo fight over the ring, resulting in Gollum biting Frodo's finger off and spitting it and the ring out into the lava by mistake. He dives in after his precious. Mount Doom collapses, and Sauron tells Wayne off for not taking the ring from the hobbits. Spock and Bilbo magically teleport Frodo and Sam out of the mountain before it is completely destroyed. Sauron and Wayne both survive the explosion, as does Sauron's Seeing Stone.

In One Ring to Rule Them All 3, Sauron only uses his catchphrase once. While he is burning some bills he receives, he receives a coupon for 20 cents off Tide laundry detergent, which he says is "the one laundry detergent TO RULE THEM ALL!" Wayne goes out with his girlfriend, the hippie elf chick. Shortly after he leaves, Sauron's old master (or rather his old college roommate) Melkor shows up. Wayne and the hippie elf chick go to see a movie called Lord of the Rings and the Return of the Fellowship of the Two Kings' Towers. Asking Sauron about Wayne's whereabouts, Melkor admits that he used to think Wayne and Sauron were gay. Sauron doesn't understand what Melkor is implying. Sauron flashes back to when he first became evil, in which he intended to use his powers for good and smite evil, until Melkor gave him a magic ring (comparing it to drugs), which he uses to read his girlfriend Crystal's mind. Finding out she thought he was a loser, he killed a dwarf. After Sauron says what his life would be like if it weren't for Melkor, he finds that Melkor has stolen all his spices and seasonings. Meanwhile, Legolas comes and tries to get the hippie elf chick to love him again. Eventually she does, and the two ride away on Shadowfax. It is later revealed that Sauron hired Legolas to win the hippie elf chick back in order to return Wayne to normal. Unbeknownst to Sauron, Melkor was working for Legolas, and had stolen Sauron's spices for him. The video ends with Wayne sitting on a bench next to Sam, who has also been rejected (presumably by Frodo), implying Sam to be gay.

Lord of the Rings and the Return of the Fellowship of the Two King's TowersEdit

This is a movie that Wayne and the hippie elf chick were watching in One Ring to Rule Them All 3. The opening sequence says "SUX" instead of "THX." A list of cast members are shown, which consists of Hugo Weaving (Elrond), Elijah Wood (Frodo), Orlando Bloom (Legolas), Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Vin Diesel (Riddick), and Liv Tyler (Arwen) as "The Hopping Woman." It begins with the scene in Rivendell with Elrond saying the ring must be destroyed. Wayne describes the movie as being "grossly inaccurate," as all the characters, particularly Sam, are different than they are in the films. During one scene, Gandalf is heard talking about Trebek from Jeopardy. According to Wayne, the movie was eight hours long but cut out Tom Bombadil.


  • In the special edition for the first One Ring video, Sauron is clearly shown outside Barad-dûr in the land of Mordor. However, the Eye of Sauron is shown at the top of Barad-dûr, making it seem as though Sauron is in two places and in two forms at once.
  • During Wayne's puppet show in One Ring to Rule Them All 2, Elrond nearly calls Isildur "Mr. Anderson". This is a reference to his actor, Hugo Weaving, also portraying Agent Smith off the Matrix, who calls the protagonist Neo by that name.
  • When Frodo and Sam are walking through Mordor in One Ring to Rule Them All 2, a dragon in the background can be seen carrying a banner that says "Eat at Joe's."
  • During the flashback scene in One Ring to Rule Them All 3, a banner can be seen saying "Go Oliphaunts! Crush the Rock Giants!"
  • The troll who serves as the clerk at the movie theater in One Ring to Rule Them All 3 is named Richard. All trolls (such as William, Bert, and Tom) having regular names, unlike most Lord of the Rings characters.
  • In One Ring to Rule Them All 3, when Sauron and Melkor are in the kitchen, one of the Keep Out signs is a "Beware Ogre" sign from Shrek.
  • During the flashback scene where Sauron turns evil, the nine kings have clearly been turned into Ring Wraiths by the power of magic rings. This was shown to make magic rings seem like drugs ("All the cool guys are doing it! Can't you see how happy those nine kings are?"), but the kings were turned into Ring Wraiths when Sauron gave them magic rings, which occurred after he became evil.
  • During Wayne's video in One Ring to Rule Them All 2, the announcer tells Billy "With the great ring comes great responsibility."
  • During Spock's song about Bilbo, the footage from the Hobbit shows Bilbo inside one of the barrels. However, Bilbo was the only one of the group not inside a barrel when they escaped from the Elvenking.
  • In One Ring to Rule Them All 2, Frodo says "Bella" to open the door. This is clearly a reference to the doors of Moria, but the word required to open the door is "Mellon", the elvish word for "friend".
  • Though he is the protagonist of his series, Harry Potter is evil in One Ring to Rule Them All 2, as he puts dark curses inside his books and wants to control all the Muggles of the world.
  • During the chase scene in One Ring to Rule Them All 2, Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, and Velma can be seen in the background. In addition, a similar scene is shown in the Family Guy episode Family Guy Viewer Mail No. 1.
  • The ending of the magic ring video in One Ring to Rule Them All 2 says "Don't do drugs".
  • Sauron is a moron in this series. A YouTube video was made at one point called "Sauron the Moron," involving Harry Potter going to Mordor to save Narnia, and runs into Voldemort/Darth Vader, who is really Harry's mother and father who were fired by Sauron for discovering he was a moron. Both might be a reference to the fact that Sauron almost rhymes with Moron.
  • Lord of the Rings and the Return of the Fellowship of the Two Kings' Towers cutting out the character of Tom Bombadil is a reference to the fact that every movie or radio adaptation of Lord of the Rings has cut him out.

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