The oliphants, better known as Mumakils, are large beasts used by the Near Haradrim during the War of the Ring

(For more description on the oliphants/Mumakils, visit Mumakil)

Battle of the Pelennor Fields Edit

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The oliphants charging towards the Rohirrim at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.

The first record of the oliphants used in battle in the Lord of the Rings Movie is during the Return of the King during the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. Oliphants was used in great effect against the Army of Rohan, after the Rohirrim charged towards the Orcs of Mordor. In the movie, the oliphants where like great giant towers with Near Harad Archers and a Near Haradrim leading the oliphants. However, the oliphants had a weak spot -- its head. During the battle, Legolas was able to down a few oliphants with his bow while aiming at its head. The oliphants were also reliant on the person leading it, as seen when Eomer, a Marshall of Rohan threw a spear at the Haradrim leading the oliphant and the oliphant went wild. However, the oliphants where still a terrible sight on the battlefield, and the oliphants broke the Rohirrim morale during the battle.


Aragorn and the army of Oathbreakers charging towards the Orcs of Mordor after climbing down the ships of the enemy which was taken before they sailed towards Osgiliath, confronting Guritz and his orcs.

Fortunately, Aragorn arrived just in time with reinforcements, in the movie at least, with an army of Oathbreakers numbering approximately 45,000 strong. The armies of Mordor, Near Harad and Rhun was defeated. The oliphants where all saluted trying to escape.

Poem Edit

Here is a short poem about Oliphants

Grey as a mouse

Big as a house

Nose like a snake

I make the earth shake

As I tramp through the grass

Trees crack as I pass

With horns in my mouth

I walk in the South

Flapping big ears

Beyond count of years

I stump round and round

Never lie on the ground

Not even to die

Oliphaunt am I

Biggest of all

Huge, old, and tall

If ever you'd met me

You wouldn't forget me

If you never do

You won't think I'm true

But old Oliphaunt am I

And I never lie

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