Of Men is the first chapter of Part Two of The War of the Jewels, which is the twelfth volume of The History of Middle-earth.

The chapter that follows is "Of the Siege of Angband".

Chapter synopsisEdit

In this chapter, Christopher Tolkien records all the changes and alterations made to the content of the Quenta Silmarillion chapter 12, "Of Men". Notable alterations and dilemmas told of include the relocation of the land of Hildorien, the place where Man first was created, the question of whether the Sea of Rhun could be identifiable as the inland Sea of Helkar, the changing of the Quenya term for "the fathers of Men", the emendation of the Elf race-name Ekelli to Sindar, and, most prominently, the final shift from the use of the term "Gnome" to "Noldor [elf]".[1]


  1. The History of Middle-earth, Vol. XI: The War of the Jewels, Part Two: The Later Quenta Silmarillion

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