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Oath of Eorl

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Cirion took Eorl, Lord of the Éothéod, to the hallowed site of Amon Anwar, and there before the Tomb of Elendil they swore what would in later days be known as the Oath of Eorl, giving Calenardhon to the Éothéod, and promising eternal friendship between the two Kingdoms. As Amon Anwar was no longer the centre of Gondor, but rather its border, Cirion removed the Casket that Isildur had set upon the hill two thousand years earlier, and brought it to Rath Dínen, the Silent Street, where all other Kings of Gondor were entombed.

It is said that no greater oath has been said by men since Elendil swore an oath of allegiance and everlasting friendship to Gil-galad upon Amon Sul

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