Picture 4

A fan's rendition of what these western lands might look like. Note the integration of Hyarmenor as the southern portion of the continent.

The New Lands were the lands found in the far west of the world after the Change of the World in the Second Age.


The shape and size of these lands has not really been made clear by the Akallabêth, but since mariners were able to sail further west returning to their beginning, it is possible that these lands may be very large islands of a sort. They seem to correspond with the Americas, although whether they were indeed two continents (as speculated in the image above) or a single landmass has never been made clear.

Picture 3

The easternmost portion of the New Lands in relation to the west of Middle-earth (The Atlas of Middle-earth).

Some fans have speculated that these "New Lands" were a remade version of the Land of the Sun to the east of Middle-earth, and that this particular landmass no longer existed by the Third Age. Certainly no maps of the Third Age extend that far eastward or westward, so we do not know.[1] It is known that it will not have been inhabited by any civilised race, since, although men knew its existence, they never established settlements.


After Númenor was destroyed by Eru Ilúvatar because of the deeds of their King, the world was changed and made into a round sphere. Aman was removed from the circles of the world and the seas bent so that no man could ever find the Undying Lands ever again. In place of Aman these New Lands were created in the west.

Sometime at the end of the Second Age (between the Akallabêth and the War of the Last Alliance), they were discovered by the great mariners of the Dúnedain living in Middle-earth yearning for the west or searching for the Isle of Meneltarma. Coming upon them, they found these New Lands to be much like the old ones where things were mortal and not forever. It is not known whether men ever returned to these lands afterwards but in the finding of these lands, men did discover that the world was now round.[2]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Nuwe Lande
Albanian Tokat e Reja
Amharic አዲስ አገሮች ?
Arabic الأراضي الجديدة
Armenian նոր Հողատարածքներ
Azerbaijani Yeni Torpaqlar
Basque Herrialdeetako Berria
Bengali নতুন জমি
Bosnian Nove Zemlje
Bulgarian Нови земи
Catalan Noves Terres
Cebuano Bag-o nga mga yuta
Chichewa Mayiko Latsopano ?
Chinese 新的土地
Corsican Novu Terreni
Croatian Nove zemlje
Czech Nové Země
Danish Nye Lander
Dutch Nieuwe Gebieden
Esperanto Novaj Teroj
Filipino Bagong Lupain
Finnish Uusia Maita
French Nouvelles Terres
Frisian Nije Lannen
Galician Novas Terras
Georgian ახალი მიწები
German Neues Land
Gujarati નવા જમીન ?
Haiti Creole Tè Nouvo
Hausa Sabon Asashe
Hebrew שטחים חדשים
Hindi नई भूमि
Hungarian Új Földeket
Hmong Tshiab pawg neeg thaj av
Icelandic Ný Lendir
Indonesian Tanah-tanah yang baru
Irish Gaelic Tailte Nua
Italian Nuove Terre
Japanese 新しい土地
Javanese Bantala Anyar
Kazakh Жаңа жерлерді
Kannada ನ್ಯೂ ಲ್ಯಾಂಡ್ಸ್
Khmer (Cambodian) ដីថ្មី ?
Korean 새로운 땅
Kurdish نه‌و لاندس (Arabic script) Axa Nû (Latinised)
Kyrgyz жаңы жерлер
Lao ທີ່ດິນໃຫມ່
Latvian Jaunās Zemes
Lithuanian Naujų Žemių
Luxembourgish Neie Lännereien
Malagasy Tany Vaovao
Malay Tanah-tanah baru
Marathi नवीन भूभाग
Maltese Artijiet Ġodda
Mongolian Нью нутаг
Navajo Kéyah Ániidí ?
Nepali नयाँ मुलुकहरूमा
Norwegian Nye Land
Pashto نوي ځمکو
Persian سرزمین های جدید
Polish Nowe Ziemie
Portuguese Novas Terras
Punjabi ਨਵ ਜ਼ਮੀਨ
Romanian Noi Terenuri
Russian Новые Земли
Sesotho Linaha tse ncha
Siamese (Thai) ดินแดนใหม่
Sindhi نيون زمينون
Sinhala නව ඉඩම් ?
Slovak Nové Pozemky
Slovenian Novih Dežel
Somali Dalalkan oo Cusub
Spanish Nuevas Tierras
Sudanese Lemahna Anyar
Swedish Nya Länder
Tamil புதிய நிலங்களை
Telugu న్యూ లాండ్స్
Turkish Yeni Topraklar
Turkmen Täze Toprak ?
Urdu نئے زمین ?
Uzbek Неw Ландс (Cyrillic) Yangi Erlarni (Latinised)
Vietnamese Vùng đất mới
Welsh Tiroedd Newydd
Yiddish ניו לאַנדס


  1. The Atlas of Middle-earth, The Third Age, "Introduction"
  2. The Silmarillion, Akallabêth (The Downfall of Númenor)

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