Nevrast was a region in West Beleriand at the coast of the Belegaer in Middle-earth, during the years before the end of the First Age.


Nevrast was a depression surrounded completely by the Ered Wethrin. It was made up of over three-hundred square miles of land consisting of mostly scattered woodlands except for the marshland area encircling Linaewen. The climate was mostly a humid one with mild winters possibly due to the warm and moist prevailing winds that blew in from the sea.[3][2]


Nevrast was the centre of an elven kingdom of Turgon for about a century, when the people began their trek to Gondolin. Turgon's capital (and it seems the only city of Nevrast) was Vinyamar.[4] The land was not permanently inhabited after that, and indeed was utterly abandoned until Tuor came there, guided by Ulmo.[5][6]

Nevrast was the first part of Beleriand the Ñoldor settled, but was previously inhabited by Sindar. Its population was soon very mixed, far more so than any other region of Beleriand.


In Sindarin, Nevrast means "Hither shore",[7] from nev ("hither") and rast ("shore").[8]

Other forms of the legendariumEdit

Its early and rejected name was Nivrost: "the West Vale", in the Doriathrin language.[9]

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Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ኘቭራስት
Arabic نيڢراست ?
Armenian Նեվրաստ
Belarusian Cyrillic Невраст
Bengali ণেvরাস্ত
Bulgarian Cyrillic Невраст
Dari نهوراست
Georgian ნევრასთ
Greek Νευραστ
Gujarati ણેવ્રસ્ત
Hindi णेव्रस्त
Hebrew ןיוראסת ?
Japanese ねvらst ?
Kannada ನಿವ್ರಾಶ್ಟ್
Kazakh Cyrillic Невраст
Korean 네v아ᄉᄃ ?
Kurdish نه‌ڤراست (Arabic script) Nevrast (Latin)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Нэвраст
Lao ນເvrະຊຕ
Macedonian Cyrillic Невраст
Malayalam ണെവ്രസ്റ്റ്റ് ?
Marathi णेव्रस्त
Mongolian Cyrillic Невраст
Nepalese णेव्रस्त्
Pashto نېوراست
Persian نهوراست ?
Punjabi ਣੇਵ੍ਰਸ੍ਤ
Russian Невраст
Sanskrit णेव्रस्त्
Serbian Невраст (Cyrillic) Nevrast (Latinised)
Sinhalese ණෙව්‍රස්ත්
Tajik Cyrillic Невраст
Tamil ணெவ்ரஸ்த்
Telugu ణెవ్రస్త
Tigrinya ኘቭራስት
Ukrainian Cyrillic Невраст
Urdu ںےوراست
Uyghur نەۋراست
Uzbek Невраст (Cyrillic) Nevrast (Latin)
Yiddish נעװראַסט


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