Nerdanel, also known as Nerdanel the Wise, was the daughter of the Ñoldorin smith Mahtan and the wife of the infamous Fëanor the High Prince of the Noldor, and eldest son of Finwë.


Nerdanel Mahtan & Fëanor

Nerdanel's father, a great smith Mahtan of the Noldor, tutoring his daughter's husband Fëanor High-Prince of the Noldor.

Nerdanel was a sculptor of great note and is said to have made statues so lifelike that people thought them to be the real thing.

During the earlier times of Nerdanel's marriage to Fëanor, her father Mahtan, a Noldorin smith among those of the Noldor who was in service to Aulë, tutored his daughter Nerdanel's husband, Fëanor in the making of things in metal and in stone.


Jenny Dolfen - Feanorians

In this picture: Nerdanel with her sons Maedhros, Maglor, Celegorm, Caranthir, Curufin (unborn), by [ Jenny Dolfen

After marrying Fëanor, Nerdanel in the long run, bore him seven sons: Maedhros, Maglor, Celegorm, Caranthir, Curufin, Amrod and Amras. Nerdanel, unlike her husband, was of a peaceful nature and sought to moderate his fiery temper and pride with wisdom. For a time, she was the only one able to influence him.[1]

Nerdanel refused to follow her husband to Middle-earth and their parting was not a happy one. When it became clear that he intended to leave Valinor for good, she came to him and pleaded with him to let her youngest sons, Amrod and Amras to remain with her. Fëanor would hear nothing of it and accused her of being against him and in league with the Valar, namely Aulë saying that they wished to follow and obey their father and if she did not follow him she would be abandoning all of their children. She then scorned him saying that he would not have them all and then she left, possibly retiring to her father's house where she apparently still lives in Aman.[2]

By refusing to join her husband in revolt, Nerdanel herself avoided the Doom of Mandos but her sons did not. The last remnant of her family survived through her grandson Celebrimbor, the forger of the three Elven Rings of Power.

Behind the scenes

Nerdanel's family is interesting to fans of Tolkien's elves because they are the only attested examples of elves with red hair. Nerdanel's father Mahtan and three of her sons (Maedhros, Amrod, and Amras) are described by Tolkien as having red hair (actually a reddish brown) and this is described as a trait "of Nerdanel's kin". Nerdanel's own hair color is never specifically stated, although it is said that she possessed a ruddy complexion and so it is assumed that Tolkien did indeed intend Nerdanel to have red hair.

House of Fëanor

House of Feanor


Translations around the World

Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ኘርዳነል
Arabic نيردانيل
Armenian Ներդանել
Belerusian Нерданел
Bengali ণের্দানেল
Bulgarian Нерданел
Dari نهردانهل
Greek Νερδανελ
Gujarati ણેર્દનેલ
Hebrew ןירדאניל
Hindi णेर्दनेल
Kazakh Нерданел
Kurdish نه‌ردانه‌ل
Kyrgz Нэрданэл
Lao ນເrດະນເຣ ?
Macedonian Нерданел
Marathi णेर्दनेल
Mongolian Нерданел
Nepali णेर्दनेल
Pashto نېردانېل
Persian نهردانهل
Polish Nerdanela
Russian Нерданель
Sanskrit णेर्दनेल्
Serbian Нерданел (Cyrillic) Nerdanel (Latinised)
Sinhala ණෙර්දනෙල්
Tamil ணெர்தநெல்
Telugu ణెర్దనెల
Ukrainian Нерданел
Urdu ںےردانےل
Uyghur نەردانەل
Uzbek Нерданел (Cyrillic) Nerdanel (Latinised)
Yiddish נערדאַנעל


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  2. The History of Middle-earth, Vol. 12: The Peoples of Middle-earth, Chapter 11: "The Shibboleth of Fëanor"

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