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Narmacil I

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Narmacil I was the seventeenth King of Gondor after the death of his father Atanatar II Alcarin in TA 1226. Like Falastur before him, he was notable for his childlessness.


Narmacil was born in the year TA 1049 to Atanatar II and his unnamed wife. He was as lazy as his father and was soon tired of being King. He reigned as king properly for fourteen years. Then, probably intending to pursue his own personal pleasures and activities, he created the noble title of Regent and surrendered practical rule to his nephew Minalcar by TA 1240 (who would eventually become King in his own right).

During his reign, the Easterlings started to become a threat again and his regent's main concern was making alliance with the tribes of the Northmen to help fight against them.[2] After this event it is unknown whether Narmacil retained any power. He died childless in TA 1294 after sixty-eight years of mostly inactive rule and was succeeded by his brother Calmacil.[2]

Preceded by:
Atanatar II
King of Gondor
TA 1226 - TA 1240 (active reign)
TA 1226 - TA 1294 (inactive reign)
Followed by:
Minalcar (as regent)

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