Númendil was the father of Amandil. He was also the grandson of Eärendur, the fifteenth Lord of Andúnië. He came to the throne after his father (whose name is unknown) and became the seventeenth Lord of Andúnië. By the time when Tar-Palantir was King of Númenor, both Lord and King desired a return to the old traditions of Númenor, and they were close friends and political allies. Tar-Palantir would at times travel to see Númendil in Andúnië, and as a Councillor of the Sceptre, Númendil would often journey to the King's seat at Armenelos.

Númendil's son Amandil inherited the Lordship of Andúnië, and through him, Númendil would become the ancestor of all the Kings of the Dúnedain in Middle-earth. According to some sources, he also had a second son, named Elentir.

Lord of Andúnië
Preceded by
Númendil Succeeded by

Named Lords of Andúnië

Valandil | Eärendur | Númendil | Amandil


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