The term Mythopoeia (virtual Greek μυθοποεια "mythos-making") was coined by J.R.R. Tolkien as the title of one of his poems.

Tolkien wrote it as a reaction to Lewis' statement that myths were "lies breathed through silver". The poem takes a position opposed to Rationalism and materialism, referring to the creative human author as "the little maker" wielding his "own small golden sceptre" ruling his Subcreation (understood as genuine Creation within God's primary Creation).

Text sampleEdit

I will not treat your dusty path and flat,
denoting this and that by this and that,
your world immutable wherein no part
the little maker has with maker's art.
I bow not yet before the Iron Crown,
nor cast my own small golden sceptre down.

See alsoEdit

The Mythopoeic Society exists to promote mythopoeic literature, partly by way of the Mythopoeic Awards.

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